You Are Not Your Trauma Season 3 | Episode 13: Healing the Lifelong Scars of Bullying

In this compelling episode, we explore the profound effects of childhood bullying, as shared by our guest, John Britton. John's journey from a bullied child at boarding school to a self-aware adult confronting his past paints a vivid picture of the long-lasting impact of childhood bullying. This episode provides valuable insights into understanding, confronting, and healing from the scars of bullying.

In today’s episode, I had the honor of welcoming John Britton, an individual whose life story is a mix of adversity, artistry, and healing. Despite his daunting beginnings, John’s resilience and passion for the arts propelled him into a remarkable career in performance and direction. His work on stage and behind the scenes has not only been a testament to his artistic talent but also a reflection of his journey towards self-discovery and healing.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  1. The Lasting Effects of Childhood Bullying
  2. Recognizing and Confronting the Past
  3. Practical Strategies for Healing from Bullying

This week’s Guest:

John Britton

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