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05/23/2024You Are Not Your Trauma Season 4 | Episode 11: The Journey of Self-Rediscovery: Rebuilding Identity Post-Trauma
In this episode of “You Are Not Your Trauma,” we’re diving into the journey of self-rediscovery and rebuilding identity after trauma. Our special guest, Stephany Ann, shares her incredible story of overcoming narcissistic abuse and finding her true self. This episode is all about resilience, healing
05/16/2024You Are Not Your Trauma Season 4 | Episode 10: Navigating Intimacy and Sexual Empowerment After Trauma
In this powerful episode of You Are Not Your Trauma™ we explore the complex and sensitive topics of intimacy and sexual empowerment after experiencing sexual trauma. This open, honest and much needed episode with Laura Jurgens, a somatic sex and relationship coach, dives into how survivors can recla
05/09/2024You Are Not Your Trauma Season 4 | Episode 9: Empowering Wellness: Voices Revolutionizing Mental Health
May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and today’s episode of You Are Not Your Trauma™ podcast spotlights transformative figures in mental health. This panel discussion features trailblazers who share personal and professional perspectives on improving mental wellness across diverse communities. Our
05/02/2024You Are not Your Trauma Season 4 | Episode 8: From Shadows to Strength: Channeling Painful Experiences into Power
In this transformative episode of You Are Not Your Trauma™ podcast I am honored to share an inspiring conversation with Soodabeh Mokry, a Registered Nurse, certified hypnotherapist, and holistic wellness coach, whose life story exemplifies the power of resilience and self-transformation.Through her
04/25/2024You Are Not Your Trauma Season 4 | Episode 7: Healing by Design: Bridging Trauma and Transformation
In this exclusive episode of You Are Not Your Trauma, we explore the intersection of service design and mental health support for trauma survivors within Black and oppressed communities. Our guest, Jaryn Miller, shares his expertise in Inclusive Service Design, revealing how creativity and a deep un


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