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06/20/2024You Are Not Your Trauma Season 4 | Episode 15: Neurodiversity and Trauma: Unraveling the Ties
In this powerful episode of the You Are Not Your Trauma podcast, our guest, Shakira Reliford shares her unique perspective on living with OCD and how it intersects with trauma. This episode explores the intricate relationship between neurodiversity and trauma.Shakira Robinson brings over 12 years of
06/13/2024You Are Not Your Trauma Season 4 | Episode 14: Building Walls, Not Bridges: How Trauma Leads to Emotional Isolation
In this compelling episode of You Are Not Your Trauma,™ we dive into how trauma often leads us to isolate ourselves emotionally, impacting our relationships and self-esteem. Join me as I chat with Tiara Riley, a motivational speaker, life coach, and author, who brings transparency and powerful insig
06/06/2024You Are Not Your Trauma Season 4 | Episode 13: From Pain to Empathy: The Deepened Compassion in Trauma Survivors
In this episode of You Are Not Your Trauma™ we discuss how enduring personal challenges can profoundly deepen our capacity for empathy. Our guest, Candice Hayes, shares her remarkable journey of balancing life as a mother, entrepreneur, and mental health advocate. We explore the transformative power
05/31/2024You Are Not Your Trauma Season 4 | Episode 12: The Misinterpretation of Trauma Responses as Professional Shortcomings
In this enlightening episode, we discuss the often misunderstood ways trauma can manifest in the workplace and why these manifestations are frequently misinterpreted as professional shortcomings. Our discussion aims to shine a light on the subtle signs of trauma and explore actionable strategies to
05/23/2024You Are Not Your Trauma Season 4 | Episode 11: The Journey of Self-Rediscovery: Rebuilding Identity Post-Trauma
In this episode of “You Are Not Your Trauma,” we’re diving into the journey of self-rediscovery and rebuilding identity after trauma. Our special guest, Stephany Ann, shares her incredible story of overcoming narcissistic abuse and finding her true self. This episode is all about resilience, healing


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