You Are Not Your Trauma Season 3 | Episode 10: Confronting the Trauma of Infertility and Rediscovering Joy

In this deeply moving episode, we sit down with Charlie Dice, whose personal battle with infertility is a profound journey of pain, empowerment, and ultimately, joy. Charlie’s story is not just about the struggle, but about the resilience and transformative power of the human spirit.

Charlie Dice, a warrior of hope and a mentor of joy. After years of silently wrestling with infertility, Charlie has emerged not just as a survivor, but as a vibrant source of inspiration. She’s a coach, an advocate, and a voice for those who journey through the shadows of infertility. Charlie embodies the courage to speak out and the wisdom to lead others through their storms.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  1. The emotional and psychological impact of infertility on identity and self-perception.
  2. Strategies to cope with the intense emotions tied to infertility.
  3. The impact of societal pressures on individuals facing infertility and explore ways to shift the narrative.

This week’s Guest:

Charlie Dice

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