You Are Not Your Trauma Season 2 | Episode 13: Unraveling Trauma’s Influence on Identity

In this week’s episode, I’m joined by Dr. Don St. John, an accomplished psychotherapist, teacher, author, and Mestre. Drawing from his personal journey and professional expertise, Dr. St. John shares his deep insights on the complex relationship between trauma and identity. This episode serves as an exploration of trauma’s effects on self-perception and the road to reclaiming our authentic selves.

Together, we navigate the complex terrain of trauma’s influence on identity with the guidance of Dr. St. John. His wisdom and insights promise to illuminate our understanding and inspire our healing journey.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  1. The Complex Relationship Between Trauma and Identity
  2. The Intersection of Childhood and Cultural Wounds
  3. Healing and Reclaiming Identity

Guest Info:

Dr. Don St. John

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